FALLS CHURCH CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION was founded in 1972 in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the purpose of General Contracting and was licensed under Commonwealth laws, Registration Number 12265.

The Company obtains its contracts through open competitive bidding procedures and through negotiations for commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial projects.  We bring over 41 years of experience in providing quality construction services while maintaining integrity and efficiency, with a dedication to complete all projects within budget.

We maintain project control and competitive edge by directly managing our own forces in the fields of carpentry, masonry, concrete and site development. 

Work is bonded on an individual project basis through The Hartford Companies. Presently we have a capacity to perform contracts in excess of $70 million.

We have a philosophy of steady, strong growth and only solicit projects that we are fully prepared to execute on time and within budget. We offer a full line of Construction Services including Pre-Bid Evaluation, Value Engineering, Independently Supervised Quality Control, and Post Bid Re-evaluation.

In 41 years of operation, Falls Church Construction Corporation has completed over $900 million dollars worth of construction and has NEVER failed to complete a project, been asked or forced to terminate a contract, had any claims paid by our bonding company, had a fatality on a jobsite, had any judgments for non-payment, failed to adequately complete any warranty work, had any tax liens, unresolved code violations or revoked permits.  This is for 41 years, $900 million in contracts and over 500 projects completed.




















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