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A000 - Cover Sheet

C001 - General Notes & Zoning Information
C002 - Existing Conditions, Soils Map & Demolition Plan
C002a - Demolition Plan
C003 - Site Details, Grading & Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
C004 - Landscape Details, Specifications & Tabulations
C005 - Landscape Details, Specifications & Tabulations

A000 - Cover Sheet
D101 - First Floor Demolition Plan
D102 - Basement & Second Floor Plan & Typical Exterior Demolition
A010 - Abbreviations, Partition Types & Details
A011 - Code Review and Egress Diagrams
A100 - Partial Basement Plan
A100a - Partial Basement Plan
A101 - Partial First Floor Plan
A102 - Partial First Floor Plan
A103 - Second Floor Plan
A104 - Roof Plan
A105 - Existing Building Insulation Diagrams & Details
A110 - Reflected Ceiling Plans
A200 - Exterior Elevations
A201 - Exterior Elevations
A300 - Building Sections
A310 - Wall Sections
A311 - Elevator Lift Sections
A400 - Enlarged Front Entry Plan, Elevations & Details
A401 - Enlarged Ramp Plan, Elevations & Details
A402 - Enlarged Kitchen Plan, Schedule & Details
A410 - Interior Elevations
A420 - Interior Details
A500 - Exterior Details
A501 - Fire Protection Pit Details
A600 - Door & Frame Schedule
A601 - Window Types & Schedule
A602 - Window Details
A700 - Room Finish Schedule

S0.1 - Design Notes
S1.1 - Roof Framing Plan
S1.2 - Roof Framing Plan
S2.1 - Sections & Details


FP100 - Fire Protection Floor Plans
FP101 - Fire Protection Floor Plans
FP200 - Fir Protection Symbols, Notes, Abb, Schedules & Details



PD100 - Partial Plumbing Demo Plans
P100 - Partial Basement Plumbing Plans
P101 - Partial First Floor Plumbing Plan
P102 - Second Floor Plumbing Plan
P103 - Plumbing Riser Diagram
P200 - Plumbing Symbols, Notes, Details & Schedules

M100 - Parial Basement Plan
M100-A - Parial Basement Plan
M101 - Partial First Floor Plan
M101-A - Partial First Floor Plan
M102 - Second Floor Plan
M103 - Roof Plan
M104 - Geo-Exchange Piping Plan & Details
M200 - Riser Diagrams
M300 - Mechanical Details & Legend
M301 - Mechanical Details
M400 - Schedules
M500 - Controls Schematic Diagrams

SE001 - Electrical Site Plan
ED100A - Partial Basemetn Demolition Plan
ED100B - Partial Basement Demolition Plan
ED101A - Partial First Floor Demolition Plan
ED101B - Partial First Floor Demolition Plan
ED102 - Second Floor Demolition Plan
E001 - Electrical One Line Diagram
E002 - Schedules & Legend
E003 - Panel Schedules
E004 - Panel Schedules
E100-A - Partial Bsement Electrical Plan
E100-B - Partial Bsement Electrical Plan
E101-A - Partial First Floor Electrical Plan
E101-B - Partial First Floor Electrical Plan
E102 - Second Floor Electrical Plan
E200-A - Partial Basement Lighting Plan
E200-B - Partial Basement Lighting Plan
E201-A - Partial First Floor Lighting Plan
E201-B - Partial First Floor Lighting Plan
E202 - Second Floor Lighting Plan
FA100-A - Partial Basement Fire Alarm Plan
FA100-B - Partial Basement Fire Alarm Plan
FA101-A - Partial First Floor Fire Alarm Plan
FA101-B - Partial First Floor Fire Alarm Plan
FA102 - Second Floor Fire Alarm Plan
FA103 - Fire Alarm Riser, Legend & Notes



EY-1.0 - Electronic Security Device Locations First Floor
EY-2.0 - Electronic Security Device Locations First Floor
EY-3.0 - Electronic Security Device Locations Second Floor
EY-4.0 - Electronic Security Device Locations
EY-5.0 - Electronic Security Device Locations