Completed Projects

General Construction - 2005


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Fortnightly Condominiums

       Herndon, Virginia

       Owner: Fortnightly Condominiums

                   c/o Carrhomes, Inc.

       Contract Date: 03/15/2004

       Completion Date: October, 2005

       Amount: $ 9,461,800.00

    The project consists of the construction of a 64 unit condominium development incorporated within 2 buildings, including a two (1) story undergrounds parking garage at each building.




Sierra Condominiums

     801 S. Green Street

     Arlington, Virginia 22204

     Owner: Silverwood Homes, Inc.

     Contract Date: 11/17/2003

     Completion Date: September, 2005

     Amount: $13,338,299.00


     The project was a construction of 120,000 SF, 4 story condominium building located in Arlington, Virginia.




Riverside Business Park

     Riverside Parkway

     Fredericksburg, Virginia

     Owner: Riverside Building One, L.L.C.

     Contract Date: 11/01/2003

     Completion Date: 2005

     Amount: $3,719,715.00


    The project was a construction of 74,000 SF, 3 story office building, for Riverside Business Park in Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Virginia.




Glebe Elementary School

      1770 N. Glebe Road

      Arlington, Virginia

      Owner: Arlington Public Schools

      Contract Date: 06/15/2003

      Completion Date: December, 2005

      Amount: $8,596,218.00


     The job was a renovation of and additions to the Glebe Elementary School.  It includes site work associated with new parking areas, play areas, grading and walkways.  The renovated Glebe Elementary School will house 433 students.




Monterey Apartments

     815 S. Greenbrier Street

     Arlington, Virginia  22204

     Owner:  Silverwood Homes, Inc.

     Contract Date: 09/15/2003

     Completion Date: February, 2005

     Amount: $6,120,640.00


      The job was to renovate 109 apartment units, new rental and common use areas and related facilities in 15 existing buildings on a site, located in Arlington County, Virginia.




Hamilton Elementary School

    54 South Kerr Street

    Hamilton, Virginia

    Owner: Loudoun County Public Schools

    Contract Date: 04/10/2003

    Completion Date: February, 2005

    Amount: $3,877,127.24


     The job was Additions & Alterations to the Hamilton Elementary School located in Loudoun County, Virginia.




Bromptoms @ Lyons Park Commercial Building

      Owner: The Bromptons

      Arlington, Virginia

      Contract Date: 03/01/2003

      Completion Date: January, 2005

      Amount: $1,950,032.00


    The job was a construction of 20,000 SF 3-story commercial office building, wood & steel, brick veneer exterior with single ply roofing.




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